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Open Video Ads Support

Getting Started

Please note that this support doc applies only to the JW Player 5 Open Video Ads Plugin (OVA). JW Player 6 has built-in VAST/VPAID support. See the JW6 product pages and support guides for more info.

This guide provides an introduction to the OVA for AS3 framework. It overviews how to download the source code and compile it.

1. Introduction

The OVA for AS3 framework is designed to allow flash based custom player implementations to be extended to support requests for and the playback of VAST compliant video advertising.

Through the integration of the framework, a custom player can make requests to VAST compliant ad servers, process the results, schedule the ads to be played, play them and track the results.

Both the OVA for JW Player and the OVA for Flowplayer plugins utilise the framework in their respective implementations. In both cases, a minimal amount of code is required by each player to achieve 'VAST compliance'.

The current incarnation of the framework remains in beta - it's a little rough and ready, but it does power both plugins so the overall functionality is operational. We're now working on cleaning up the API a little, improving overall performance and implementing a set of test harnesses. The goal however is to provide a nice, clean VAST framework for widespread use across all player implementations.

2. How to Download the Framework

The OVA for AS3 framework is available in both compiled library (SWC) and source formats.

The OVA for AS3 product is only provided in one packaged format - that format includes both the compiled library and source distribution.

2.1 Download the Distribution

The source distribution can be downloaded in ".tar.gz" format from the OVA Developer Site (http://developer.longtailvideo.com/ova). Register on the developer site and then grab the latest OVA for AS3 package from the "Download the Latest" page.

2.2 Checkout the Distribution from Subversion

To checkout the source distribution directly from the subversion repository:

svn checkout http://anonymous@developer.longtailvideo.com/svn/trunk/ova.as3

3. How to Deploy the Framework

The frame can either be used as a compiled flash library (SWC) or in it's native source format.

3.1 Deploying the Compiled Library

The compiled format comes in the form of a Flash library (SWC) file called "ova-vast-<version>.swc" where <version> is the version number for the distribution. This file should not to be confused with the JW and Flowplayer OVA plugins called "ova.swf".

The OVA flash library is available in the source distribution package - it can be found in the "dist" directory.

Both the OVA for JW Player and OVA for Flowplayer products compile against the OVA for AS3 framework in pre-compiled form.

The following script illustrates how to compile against the OVA library. In this example, the OVA for JW plugin is being built. The script assumes that the OVA for AS3 library ("ova-vast-<version>.swc")has been placed in a directory called "libraries", and $FLEXPATH identifies the location of the Flex SDK.

$FLEXPATH/bin/mxmlc src/ova.as 
     -source-path src 
     -o dist/ova.swf 
     -library-path libraries 
     -load-externs libraries/jwplayer-5-classes.xml 

3.2 Deploying the Source Distribution

It is also possible to compiled directly against the source. To achieve this, include the source path for the OVA for AS3 distribution into the build script as follows - the following example assumes that the OVA for AS3 distribution has been placed into a directory called "ova-as3" and that the source can be found in a sub-directory "src" :

$FLEXPATH/bin/mxmlc src/ova.as 
     -source-path src ova-as3/src
     -o dist/ova.swf 
     -library-path libraries 
     -load-externs libraries/jwplayer-5-classes.xml 

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