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Open Video Ads Support

OVA for JW5 Tag Validator

Please note that this support doc applies only to the JW Player 5 Open Video Ads Plugin (OVA). JW Player 6 has built-in VAST/VPAID support. See the JW6 product pages and support guides for more info.

Try our your pre-roll ad tag - just pop your ad tag into the text field and press the "submit" button to watch your ad play.

  Linear Stream: http://ad3.liverail.com/?LR_PUBLISHER_ID=1331&LR_CAMPAIGN_ID=229&LR_SCHEMA=vast2
  Linear VPAID: http://search.spotxchange.com/vast/2.00/74856?VPAID=1&content_page_url=mypage&cb=__random-number__

The configuration for this example is:

 * The OVA configuration used by the player will 
 * be printed here when an Ad Tag is specified

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