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Open Video Ads Support

Please note that this support doc applies only to the JW Player 5 Open Video Ads Plugin (OVA). JW Player 6 has built-in VAST/VPAID support. See the JW6 product pages and support guides for more info.


Welcome to Open Video Ads (OVA) - The home of the web's leading open source initiative dedicated to the development and distribution of Flash and HTML5 technology that enables the implementation of IAB VAST/VPAID compliant Video Players.

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Open Video Ads products include a freely available open source framework that implements the IAB VAST and VPAID standards along with player specific plugin implementations for JW Player and Flowplayer that allow you to deliver video ads on either of these players "out-of-the-box".

If you have a custom video player use the OVA for AS3 VAST/VPAID framework to turn your own video player into a IAB compliant, "advertising enabled" player.

Product Documentation

OVA for JW Player 5

OVA for Flowplayer

OVA for AS3

OVA for JW Player 4

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