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JW Player Support Documentation

Basic inline playlist

Here is an example of a basic setup of JW Player, using inline playlist of 4 videos. This setup works on all desktop browsers and mobile devices:

Note the player automatically advances through all 4 videos in the list and then stops.

Embed code

As always, ensure you have uploaded a copy of JW Player and included the script in the <head> of your page, together with your player key. See the Quick Start Guide for more info. Next, place the following embed code at the location you want the player to appear:

<div id="myElement"></div>

      playlist: [{
        file: "/uploads/sintel.mp4",
        image: "/uploads/sintel.jpg",
        title: "Sintel Trailer"
        file: "/uploads/tears.mp4",
        image: "/uploads/tears.jpg",
        title: "Tears of Steel Trailer"
        file: "/uploads/bunny.mp4",
        image: "/uploads/bunny.jpg",
        title: "Big Buck Bunny Trailer"
        file: "/uploads/elephants.mp4",
        image: "/uploads/elephants.jpg",
        title: "Elephants Dream Trailer"

See Working with Playlists for more info.

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