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Run test JW5+OVA but doesn't work

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Hi there,

I try to run the test I've found in Longtailvideo documentation but it doesn't work fine.

This is the source code:

<script type='text/javascript'>
"flashplayer": "/mediaplayer59/player.swf",
"playlist": [
    "file": "http://content.bitsontherun.com/videos  /wDqjiZXZm0JsjUy0.mp4"
  "width": 450,
  "height": 300,
  "controlbar.position": "bottom",
  "plugins": {
    "/ovajw5/dist/swf/ova-jw.swf": {     
      "tag": "http://openx.openvideoads.org/openx/www/delivery/fc.php?script=bannerTypeHtml:vastInlineBannerTypeHtml:vastInlineHtml&zones=pre-roll:0.0-0%3D50&nz=1&source=&r=R0.05822725687175989&block=1&format=vast&charset=UTF-8"

And you can check my test live here: http://www.globaladservices.net/video/prueba.html

JW5 and OVA are uploaded on my server in the following URLs:
JW5: http://www.globaladservices.net/video/mediaplayer59
OVA: http://www.globaladservices.net/video/ovajw5

┬┐Anyone knows where the problem is?

Thanks so much in advance,

P.S: I work with Windows Vista and ran the test on Firefox 11 and Chrome 18


You are using the JW Embedder (Javascript) based player setup method, but you haven't included the "jwplayer.js" file. As a result, when your page loads, the following error is displayed in the browser's javascript console:

jwplayer is not defined

The following doc helps identify how to include that "jwplayer.js" file in your page...


Hope that helps :)


Hi Paul,

thanks a lot for your quick reply.

I solved this issue but, when I run the test now, I get this warning: "getAttributeNodeNS() is deprecatted. Use instead getAttributeNS()"

I googled the warning but didn't find the solution. Any suggest?

Thank you,


I wouldn't worry about that... that's not impacting the setup/running of your config at all...


Okay Paul, I'll do that

Thanks again,

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