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Overlay with flowplayer

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I am having problem while implementing the overlay ad with 24/7 Real Media and I couldn't find any documentation about it.

Could you help me with this telling me all the steps to implement it? Telling me how to use the js code and how I make the xml file.



In general, Overlays are configured the same for all ad providers.

Here's some info to help get you going on configuring overlays:

1. A good example - this example has a simple overlay appearing 5 seconds into the show stream for a duration of 10 seconds - the size of the region is determined automatically based on the overlay being shown, but it is centered


2. A general overlay tutorial is here - this should cover the basics as well


3. Now with respect to a 24/7 example, you can find one here:


That example is a little messy - it defines a custom region to display the overlay ad - that's no longer necessary with "auto" regions, but it will give you an example of how to declare your own position/look for an overlay region if you want to do that.

4. You'll find some more overlay examples here if you want to look at different positioning etc.


Have a look through this material to start with - I've still got a lot of work to do to make it really easy to follow, so fire over any specific questions as you go and I'll answer/help out...


PS: Sorry, forgot to also put the link to the 24/7 config guide - sorry it doesn't specifically talk about Overlays but if you need info on how to implement the ad call, this helps:



Thanks! That helped a lot!

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