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Play button after MidRoll

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We had OVA configured, but had an issue. Whenever we use a mid-roll, when it stops, the play button appears, the state of the player apparently is paused, although the video is playing.... In this page:


Oh yes, I can see your problem....

OVA uses the Flowplayer "instream API" to play mid-rolls - it's going to take some digging to track down why this is happening for you - I've never seen this before - it seems as though Flowplayer is cutting off early on the stream and getting confused.

OVA really doesn't have any control over the instream API outside telling Flowplayer to play the mid-roll stream... saying that though, I wonder if your issue is related to an invalid stream duration or something in the metadata for the ad..

I'll have to do some serious digging to track this down....


Hmmm.. actually - I may have an idea what your issue is...

Would you mind sending me your OVA config in a readable form to enquiries@openvideoads.org... I'd like to have a bit more of a look at it and it's a little hard to read in the page via Firebug ..


Just sent it. Be aware that the config we used is created dinamically...

Yeh, that's fine.. I just need to see how you're configuring the RTMP part ... thanks..


Hiya Felipe - would you mind re-sending it (enquiries@openvideoads.org) ? - I haven't received it yet...


just did it...

Just a quick update on this issue.

After a lot of testing, I've managed to narrow down the criteria that creates the issue in Flowplayer where the "play again" button appears after a mid-roll ad.

The scenario is as follows:

1. RTMP mid-rolls ads are being scheduled

2. The VAST duration for the RMTP ad differs from the duration being extracted from the RTMP ad stream - as a result OVA is updating the duration of the RTMP mid-roll ad based on the meta-data in the stream

It appears that there is some type of bug in the Flowplayer RTMP provider or the Instream API such that if the Instream RTMP Clip has it's duration updated during playback, the control bar/player gets messed up to the extent that the cuepoints go awry as does the control bar operation. The net effect of this is that after the ad plays, the "Play Again" button appears but the show stream continues to play.

To work around this Flowplayer issue, I've modified the onMetaData update logic in OVA for Flowplayer to ensure that RTMP ad streams that have a different ad duration than the VAST response do not have their duration changed.

Another work around for this issue is to switch from RTMP based mid-rolls to HTTP based streams.

The issue does not seem to occur with HTTP streams.


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