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I'm setting up a pre-roll ad to the movie trailers in our cinema section at our site through a 3rd party ad provider that uses VAST. After sorting out some configuration issues I'm facing a NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound.

[ERROR] time 12:23:27.745 :: 200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] 'rtmp://rmcdn.f.2mdn.net/ondemand/MotifFiles/html/2013347/video_1285311519659.flv''

It looks a lot like an issue on the provider side but he says the adtag displays correctly in his test player. I'm stuck with this issue. Any ideas?

There is a test page available at www . salir . com / test-video . php with debug output to firebgu enabled.

Thank you


So the problem is definitely with OVA being able to play the RTMP ad stream.

The issue is that the VAST response has the following URL specified for the RTMP media:


OVA is a little restricted in being able to understand how to configure the RTMP provider - it needs to know what the baseURL is and the file address. The only way it knows that is for a marker to be in the URL that identifies where to split the URL into a streaming base URL and the actual file address. Normally that looks like this:


Notice that extra "marker" in there - in this case, it's "mp4:"

But there's an easy work around for you and that is to switch to use the HTTP progressive ad format in that ad tag response (your ad tag is giving you both a HTTP and RTMP format)

To use the HTTP media type, go with this config - it should work:

"ova": {
  "url": "http://player.longtailvideo.com/flowplayer/ova-trial.swf",
  "autoPlay": true,
  "deliveryType": "progressive",
  "ads": {
            "servers": [
          "type": "DART",          
          "tag": "http://ad.doubleclick.net/pfadx/adconion.usuariosunicos.es/video;adv=231309303;sz=1000x1;ord=1288262925?"
     "notice": {
     "textStyle": "smalltext"
     "schedule": [
   "position": "pre-roll"
  "debug": {
          "debugger": "firebug",
          "levels": "fatal, config, vast_template"

Great, the "deliveryType": "progressive" attribute does the trick.

I will notify our provider about the marker in the URL, just in case they get the same report from other clients.

Thank you very much!


The marker is really something that's a little specific to the OVA flowplayer plugin right now.. I'm working a way to configure the RTMP provider without the need for it. The ticket is here if you want to track.


So the issue is more on our side right now than the providers.

I'm pretty certain the OVA for JW plugin will work with the RTMP urls as they are... just need to get the Flowplayer one doing the same thing.



Just an update on this RTMP Ad streaming issue.

Improved support for parsing VAST RTMP URLs has been added to the latest OVA developer build.

The approach we've gone with is to allow you to declare a set of "ad streamers" in the "ads" config block so that the net connection address details etc. can be explicitly determined when file markers are not present in the VAST RTMP URL. If the ad streamer config is not specified, then a default set of rules are applied to the URL to identify the net connection and filename elements of the URL.

The changes have been checked into the OVA SVN repository on the OVA developer site (http://developer.longtailvideo.com/ova).

These changes will be added to RC3 due in the next day or so. You can see a release note with the changes documented here (look at section 20 for the note on the improved RTMP ad support):


If anyone has any issues with the implementation, please email us via enquiries@openvideoads.org and we'll look into it straight away...


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