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ova-trial.swf issue

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I have downloaded the ova-trial.swf for flowplayer to test that it will work in our setup, mainly to get around the issue of duration-less streams. A problem that I am having with the old openadstreamer.

The problem that I am having is that it will play the ad and then stop and wait for me to hit play again to continue playing the actual video.

It is something that is done on purpose with ova-trial.swf because it is a trial, or is this going to happen in the paid version as well?



Hmmm.. that definitely shouldn't be happening. The trial version should work exactly how the production version works.

Let's see if we can narrow down the problem.

Is there a link that you can share to a URL that I can access to see this happening? (or your config so I can produce a page locally here to replicate the problem?)

If you prefer not to share a link in the forum, email me at enquiries@openvideoads.org and I'll help directly and post the results here for others in the future.

I'm pretty confident that we can quickly track down the issue for you if I can see it running...


I am still having the issue, you can check it out at http://dev.tribalfootball.com/tribaltv/test-video which is a flv ad followed by a h.264 video.

I think they are both the same video.

Thanks in advance.

Hi... wow.. this had/still has me a little stumped. I've managed to get your config working though.

The issue seems to be something in the "clip" settings:


If I take those settings out, it all works.

Can I confirm - if you take out the "clip" config, does it also work for you?

I'm now looking into why those settings are impacting it - first thing to find out is which setting is creating the problem (I suspect the "live" flag but honestly have no idea why that would cause a problem)... back shortly with the answer there but if you could confirm that it works for you without the clip settings that would help.

Sorry about this - never seen it before...


Hey Gordon,

I've tracked down your problem! I must admit, I should have seen it straight away - stupid me...

So your issue is a configuration issue and easily fixed by changing your config:

1. In the "clip" properties you've set - "autoPlay":false, but in your config you have OVA stating "autoPlay":true

2. What happens as a result is that the ad plays, then when the clip goes to play the player stops because the clip property - "autoPlay" false overrides the OVA setting

If you remove "autoPlay":false from the clip properties it will work properly.

I suppose what I should do is not allow the "clip" properties to override the OVA settings - I'll have a think about that and may add that type of functionality in a future version...

Hope this helps - sorry I didn't spot this earlier...



Thanks for this. I have now managed to make this behave properly.

I did find one confusing thing in that if you set both the ova autoplay to false and the clip autoplay to false. When you press play it will play the ad and stop until you press play to play the actual video.

I got around this by setting the ova autoplay to false and then settings the clip autoplay to true which will then go automatically from the ad to the video, but not autoplay on the initial load.


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