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Player not loading RTMP Stream First

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I have the following test page:


The player is configured as Default Player, Flash First.

Short code is:
[jwplayer file="rtmp://s3de80tj6557v5.cloudfront.net/cfx/st/mp4:Video/Bootcamp/Module-1/IntroDayOne.mp4" provider="rtmp" file="http://media.v-fit.us/Video/Bootcamp/Module-1/IntroDayOne.mp4"]

If I view in Chrome, the RTMP loads fine. If view in FF, IE, or Safari I can tell it's not loading RTMP first as I disabled read permissions on the HTTP file to validate. When the permissions are back on the file completely downloads THEN plays.

Bottom line is I am not seeing the RTMP stream play first in IE, FF, or Safari it's trying to use the HTTP file with Flash, (that's the full download I am seeing). If I flip the player to HTML5 first then of course it all works fine as HTML5 only on the HTTP file, but I'd rather use the stream with HTML5 fallback (For iOS devices).

Why are desktop browsers ignoring the RTMP and loading the M4 via Flash download?

You need to list it like this:

[jwplayer sources="{ file:'rtmp://s3de80tj6557v5.cloudfront.net/cfx/st/mp4:Video/Bootcamp/Module-1/IntroDayOne.mp4' },{ file:'http://media.v-fit.us/Video/Bootcamp/Module-1/IntroDayOne.mp4' }"]

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