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MP4 Video won't play in IE9

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Hi Ethan,

Using JW Player for with MP4 files on our site.
Have had problems getting MP4 to play on any brower, but mostly solved that by re-encoding (using Handbrake) with H.264 instead of MPEG-4.

Now the video plays in all browsers that I've tested EXCEPT IE9 (haven't tested older IE's).

Do I need to tweak the encoding to work with IE?

Here's a test case:

and choose any of the posted videos.

When I go to your site, the player looks broken in IE9. Can you put up just a single player on a test page, not in a lightbox?

That gets more complicated for me, since the developer is a contractor 12.5 timezones away.

Do you have some hints about what makes the IE9 installation of the player broken? I will pass those along (with a kick in the shins).

I can see that HTMl5 mode is being run, and it is something with your site's CSS clashing with our player's CSS it seems.

You can use this working page as a reference, as it works in IE9 - http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/

I'm having the developer look at it.

Here's an odd observation...2 separate, unrelated in any way people in India using IE are able to view those mp4 videos, yet no one in the US who has tried can. Is there something about IE's out of box configuration that is different in the US?

Not that I know of...there is a possibility that some of the users have flash installed and some do not, though.

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