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Hi guys ,

Can JW player be used on porn websites , non-profit websites and governmental websites for free?
I know its okay to use it on non-profit and governmental but wondering about porn too?


James Bond [007]

Only if it's good porn!

Seriously, buy a license, pay Jeroen for all of his hard work.

Disclaimer: Not an "official" answer.

Well if I Had money I would have paid him and others a long time ago but I am brook!
and I work as a designer , I get nothing!

I just want to know if someone comes to me saying I want you to design me a non-profit , governmental or porn website
will I be able to use JW player.


Bond , James Bond [007] :)

What did you do with all the money from those movies? Don't tell me you've blown ALL of it!

So we can use for FREE on govermental websites outside the united states , like in UAE or KSA ?

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