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Struggling for Months: Controls Always Disappear

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System specs and web-authoring app used:

--- WinXP Home on Pentium D, FrontPage 2003 .

General Situation

I have had to give up over and over trying to create a single or playlist media player with controls. This occurs whether using the downloaded "mediaplayer" files or using the online wizard:

--- Every time I input the file's actual dimensions, the controls disappear, and I get autoplay. (I recently got v.3.14, but the issue happens with that one too, as well as the very recently updated online wizard.)

Seemingly due to this, the stand-in .jpg file doesn't show up in the single player either.

I read somewhere at your site -- yet obviously don't understand something about a 20 pixel default height difference so as to show the player. Tried all kinds of adding and subtracting in height vars, no-go.

Below are:

--- The desired file's current resolution/dimensions
--- The two pages to check out as reference (view page source for code also).
--- Closing Qs


--- Size of file: 400x300 SWF and/or FLV
--- For now, that is the only file I have, but would like to add more later ( use playlist version of player).

1. Barebone "Mediaplayer" Test Page

I copied everything from the unzipped pre-3.14 "mediaplayer" folder which I uploaded to folder at my site. This so as to work out the problems using the virgin single player and playlist player .html page you included in said .zip.

Hence, all of your files are in there.
The only addition are the .SWF and .FLV versions of my video.

As you will see, the single and playlist files autostart.
Feel free to shut 'em up.

2. Eventual Destination Page

The second page is the eventual desired destination of the single player or playlist player once I get through this hurdle. Its online folder contains the identical video in the page above.


Here are my Qs:


It's probably very simple, but what is wrong with my code to cause both the controls and the still image to not show up? It is SO frustrating to hit this brick wall.


Once I fix this, how does one (or can one even) put a player inside a table so that one can position it exactly where one wants to on a page. On the second page, the default top alignment is OK, but this will not always be the case.

I prefer using a table then absolute position x/y values.


Previously, this destination page streams the file fine -- starts right away. Other times, it seems to need to load the whole file before playing. I want to avoid this once I master your player/s.

Or perhaps it's more of a server issue or that one has to load up, but I have the identical video embedded in a MySpace page (also without controls), and that one fire up just fine every time .

What's going on and is there some fix or way to minimize to this?
I just want my viewers to have the most efficient and viewer-friendly experience.


My apologies for being such a newbie and/or seemingly code-stupid.
Page links are below.

Thank you for your help,

~ Philip Knight


1. --- "VIRGIN" MEDIAPLAYER TEST PAGE: http://www.compassionsensuality.net/Truth/METRUTH%20EMBED/mediaplayer.html



Could someone PLEASE help me? I'm really stuck and know of no way out.


PS: BTW, pardon the bold font on the above post, but I somehow couldn't change back at the time.

Well, this lack of any response when I took the time to be detailed and efficient is disappointing.

Maybe I should find a player and program that has a friendlier forum. I hope to be proved wrong -- I really love the flashvars and so on, but can't use them until this is resolved.

I've got to get this fixed soon.


instead of ragging on the people here because they didn't get you an answer in the (6 hours!) since you've posted your original mail, maybe you should start searching through the forums here to get you started answering your own questions, since much of what you are asking has been discussed, even in the very documentation of this site ..

during your search through this site, not only will you start to find some of the answers you're looking for, but you'll also discover that this is a forum full of people who want to help .

i have very little exposure to this player, but i do know how good it is , and i've become familiar enough to help some people with some basic issues ..

in fact, i was about to reply to your first message a few hours ago .. but i was at work, and just couldn't take the time out ..

i was just checking back to this thread to start trying to get you pointed in the right direction, and i must say .. you're not going to get much help from people here if you start demanding they help you immediately ..

these forums are getting quite full with messages, and there have been many instances where i've asked a question, but it quickly got lost in the noise .. so, i kept searching, and learning, and eventually got to where i needed .

that said, to help you with problem A), try setting these 4 simple vars to build your playlist:

s.addVariable("width", "400");

what you'll notice is that once the height and displayheight differ, your playlist will appear ... when you set the same values for both flashvars they will "disappear"

in fact, you'll find exactly that explained in JW's documentation:

displayheight (number): Set this smaller as the height to show a playlist below the display (example). If you set it the same as the height, the controlbar will auto-hide on top of the video (example).

Perhaps this is not your issue, but you should make sure you've done a good search before complaining that nobody is here to help ..

i've got tons of help from many members here, and would love to return the same ...

we're friendly here .. just busy ....(speaking for myself .. i'm implementing a JW player site of my own ... and learning tons in the process) ...

i'm sure some of the other folks will shed some light on your more complicated problems .. (so long as you don't keep being "disappointed" that you don't get an answer right away)



Thanks, Jeremy, and my apologies for the quasi-rant.

Part of it is that I have an anxiety disability and can tend to panic a bit at times. The other part of the reason is that I saw 3-4 threads posted after mine that got several answers.

So I hope I can start over on this.

I can't study your reply right this minute so as to try and implement it. I simply wanted to let you know that your response was acknowledged and appreciated.

I'll let you know how things unfold. Maybe tomorrow some time.

People on the other side of this world (the Middle East) just decided to add and embed this video on their site with an article of mine, so I'm also feeling some, uh... gotta-deliver-the-best-goods-possible pressure.

I really look forward to mastering this Mediaplayer and getting creative with the flashvars (and learn tons in the process).

On2 had it in a tech support response list of recommended players to use (I have On2 Flix Standard 8).

~ Philip

Phewwwwwwwwww. I finally figured it out. Feel like a putz, but now on to the fun of customizing it all :)

Can you post your solution? I'm having similar problems with the player disappearing


Can you post your code or a link to your page so someone can help you?

It is not fun to have to reset my home page every day. What can I do to keep this from happening?

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