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JWPlayer loader.gif spins and never loads video

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I'm having trouble with the player actually playing the video. The player starts up without a hitch, but the loader.gif keeps spinning and never actually plays the video. Please see my source-code and link for example. Any help is MUCH appreciated. :)

JavaScript: http://jsfiddle.net/f6Lq5/

Video Asset: http://dev.theroadlesstraveled.com/videos/program-videos/video3sample.3gp

I am using Chrome.

PLEASE PLeASE PLEASE offer any insight you may have. :)

How was the file encoded?

QuickTime Filename:
sample_iPod.m4v4 (pre-encoded for iPod)

File Format:

I downloaded the file from:

If the issue is encoding, I just need to know what the requirements are to tell the client... I thought I followed the correct format (.3gp as h264) from the documentation, but maybe not? :)

Anyways, I tried another 3gp file (from same apple link listed above) format was 3gpp instead of h264 (or something, i don't quite understand the difference which may be the issue).

Webpage: http://dev.theroadlesstraveled.com/programs/panama-teen-community-service-program

The Video: http://dev.theroadlesstraveled.com/videos/program-videos/video1sample%202.3gp

Again.. THANKS!! :)

I downloaded the .mov (from same link above) and tested. I am getting audio (yay) but not video :(

Webpage: http://dev.theroadlesstraveled.com/programs/hawaii-teen-community-service-program

The Video: http://dev.theroadlesstraveled.com/videos/program-videos/video1sample_iTunes.mov

Just attempting different videos to serve as examples.


It should work, but I would recommend using a h.264 file, .mp4 extension.

You can use - http://handbrake.fr/ for this, just make sure to use x264 and web optimized.

We encoded this video using this program - http://www.longtailvideo.com/jw/upload/bunny.mp4

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