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How to remove JW Player ???

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Hello everyone...
2 days ago I was checking videos normally but somehow yesterday JW Player appeared on all of my browsers (FF/IE/and later Chrome).
since its appearance all the videos that require JW Player are not working (when I press play NOTHING happens) !!!!
I just want my browsers to get back to normal... I tried removing FireFox and then installing again but it didn't work

Can you help me please, and try to be simple because am not an expert at all :) ?

The JW PLayer is a web based player, intended for webmasters who wish to embed videos into their own websites. It is not something that is possible to install on a computer :-)

Ok now I get it... but can you tell me how can I open the videos that require JW Player? (in all browsers, the videos that require JWPlayer are not working)

I would recommend that you update your browser and Flash Player installs.

videos stall, just like they did prior to installing java....I'm taking a class and the constant stops and starts of java are making it difficult... need something that works...

how do I get this off my computer ?

many thanks


get what off?

@tink - Our player is not for end users, it is for webmasters who wish to embed videos into their own websites.

I have the same thing, it just appeared one day in my firefox browser and it is ads that start playing on their own I can't stop them or control the volume and it is getting irritating! How can I get it off my computer?

@metoo - Our player isn't something that can be installed on your computer. It is impossible.

runs on my pc great won't run on my website

script type='text/javascript' src='/embed/jwplayer.js'></script>

<div id="Layer12"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
jwplayer("Layer12").setup ({
file:' JW/Tianna and Scotty.mp4',
'controlbar': 'bottom',

'width': '470',
'height': '340'


A link would be nice.

if the jwplayer is not an installable software.... why is ther a "download" JW player then ??
videos stopped working on different sites..
can you help..
flash is up to date, java is upto daet firefox is up to date.

Works ok in my Chrome and FF 14.0.1. Win 7, 64 bit.
I notice you have GZip compression enabled on your site...
Maybe this is the problem?

@marcpouliot - Is this your site?

jw player installed itself i want rid of it

Not possible. Our player is web based. It can't install itself.

thats bull shit man it appears on every single video i try to veiw on youtube i cant watch anything how do i get it to stop appearing

No it doesn't. /thread

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