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JW player 5, webm, IE9 and Safari wants to download video file instead of playing it

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I'm using JW player 5.6 on an asp.net development server.

When trying to play webm file in IE9 and safari, a dialog asking if i want to open or save the webm file appears instead of playing it. Works fine in firefox.

This is my config;
flashplayer: "/modules/media/video/player.swf",
height: <%= height %>,
width: <%= width %>,
image: "<%= poster %>",
levels: [
<% if(webm != null){ %>{file: "<%= webm %>" },<% } %>
<% if(mp4 != null){ %>{file: "<%= mp4 %>" },<% } %>
<% if(ogg != null){ %>{file: "<%= ogg %>"}<% } %>

Any ideas?

A link would be nice.

I am also facing same issue using code: jwplayer('placeholder').setup({flashplayer: '/_layouts/jwplayer/player.swf',file: '" + assetLink + "', height: '270',width: '380'});");

A link please?

We are evaluating this player if it suits our requirements, link is still in our localhost, and site is not published yet. We are building site using Sharepoint 2010.

This function is working fine, but not displaying video in IE9:
function createPlayer(aFile, aImage, eq, go) {
var s = new SWFObject("/_layouts/jwplayer/player.swf", "player", "500", "400", "9");
s.addParam("allowfullscreen", true);
s.addVariable("width", "500");
s.addParam('wmode', 'opaque');
s.addVariable("height", "400");
s.addVariable("displayheight", "400");
s.addVariable("file", aFile);
s.addVariable("image", aImage);
s.addParam('allowscriptaccess', 'always');
if (eq) { s.addVariable("showeq", true); }
if (go) { s.addVariable("autostart", true); }


Please suggest any changes to resolve this.

And on IE8, I am getting below javascript error, but video is playing fine.


Message: Invalid character
Line: 2
Char: 2
Code: 0
URI: http://syn01.adc.nar.capgemini.com:9080/_layouts/jwplayer/player.swf

You are going to need to provide a link...

My issue is similar to http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/forums/jw-player/setup-issues-and-embedding/19565/white-screen-...

Can you please explain what do I have to change as per your comments:
"You will need to use 5.6 on trunk.


5.6 is out now, just download it from - http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/

I am still facing the same issue, working fine on crome, IE8 but blank screen on IE9

Is there any other mode of communication, so that we can fix the issues and if everything goes well and buy the licence for player.

Provide a link to where you are having the issue.

I'm having issues with this too.

Please check out this link:

Works in all browsers except IE9. It tries to download the file rather than play it.

Same with this: (the sample code)

Is it because I am referencing a video file that is on an external server maybe?


Before starting, correct the errors in your coding of which there are four: see line #470, 471.

You use & rather than the unicode equivalent.

  1. place/move the <script type="text/javascript" src="/jwplayer/jwplayer.js"></script> between the head elements
  2. Do you have a cross-domain policy in place as it appears that
    file: "http://c3336766.r66.cf0.rackcdn.com/Promo1_NEW.flv"
    is located on another domain?

Do you have Flash installed for IE9?

bingo.... always the simplest things - Flash hadn't been installed on the PC I was testing it on. Thanks.

@Willie Meier

Before starting, I'd like you to understand the difference between code and markup language, essentially computer code gives a set of instructions for the processor to carry out, wheras markup language simply labels different bits of text.

I know this doesn't help Peter, but allows me a great sense of pride of my own knowledge, which is the point, is it not?

@Peter - Np!

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