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Wowza RTMP Pausing Live Stream doesn't restart without refreshing browser

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I'm using JWPlayer with Wowza and an RTMP live stream. The setup works really well except for one thing that I can't seem to solve.

When you pause a stream, and then hit play. It just stays at a "black" screen until you refesh the web page.

Any way around this? I'm not expecting to resume the video, I just want Jwplayer to "stop" instead of pause and start the stream again.

All I can find on the issue is information on how to add extra code to flowplayer to force it to "stop" and "resume".. Rather than "pause" and "resume".

I don't want to use flowplayer, since I'm a licensed user of Jwplayer so I'm hoping there is a way to adjust JWPlayer for live rtmp streaming.

Please point me in the right direction.



Can you provide a link to where you are running this?

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