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Adaptive provider oddness

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A single stream within the group works fine, but the named group results in a JW error "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied" which makes no sense since it works for the single stream. The crossdomainxml is set to allow all. Any idea why this would be? Here is more detail:

Single stream access - This works fine:


... which returns this ...

#EXT-X-STREAM-INF:PROGRAM-ID=1,BANDWIDTH=590691,CODECS="avc1.77.30, mp4a.40.2",RESOLUTION=640x360

... and the url in there returns this ...


Named group access - this results in a JW error "Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied"

http://[server]/ livetc/ngrp:livetc.mp4_all/playlist.m3u8

... which returns this (!! notice the difference in paths compared to single stream) ...


... accessing one of the referenced playlists returns this (looks similar to single stream's second response) ...


Any idea why the path differences in the initial replies of single stream vs. name group causes JW to throw a crossdomain.xml issue? Is JW getting confused by the full path?


This is indeed some sloppy programming from my part. The code doesn't correctly detect domain-absolute URLS. I'll look into it:


For now, if you refer to full absolute paths (http://example.com/playlist.m3u8) or to relative paths (../../playlist.m3u8), things should work.

Thank you for looking into this, Jeroen! JW player has worked beautifully for our RTMP streaming needs for many years. I'm hopeful that we can also use it for HTTP adaptive streaming as our organization begins to adopt this new technology (primarily to enable Wowza nDVR which requires it).

I'll look forward to hearing any updates. I'll also look into configuring Wowza to use full absolute paths for now.

Dear Jeroen,

I have exactly the same problem as Daved, but relative path solves the problem.

The M3U8 files generated by Real 14 Helix Server can't be read by the Adaptative Provider plugin.

My video server generates by default a M3U8 like that :


With relative path, it works GREAT !!! :]


We just have to change our server config to change base path during m3u8 live generation.

Thanks Jeroen for this great job !!

Good to hear! I will also fix the usage of server-absolute paths in a small, upcoming update.

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