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Player is misaligned on iphone screen

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I am using a clipbucket player based off of JW player but the player does not display properly when viewed on my iphone. But in firefox, it looks great.

1) The video thumbnail is too far to the right before the video plays and too low after it plays (if it plays at all, see below)
2) The clickable area is not working properly. If I click it before the page fully loads, it clicks and activates the video playback. If the page fully loads, it doesn't activate the video no matter how much or where I click.

I am trying to get the thumbnail to line up correctly and the clickable area to work properly in my mobile player.

Is there a css file for jw player that specifies alignment? Is it specified in javascript? I don't even know where to begin to look for the issue...

Here is a link to a sample video:

@VIPlister -

Please update your player (both player.swf and jwplayer.js) to the latest revision (5.9.2156) and see if the problems still persist.

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