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Hi I'm using your player on our webTV (PANCRACE TV the french fighting TV) to stream all our on demand videos (640 x 360 H264 videos at 2 Mbps) and it's working very fine. (Look at it : http://www.pancrace.tv/live/pancrace.html ). I woud use it too for our live 24/24 channel (Darwin Streaming Server H264) that we stream at the address : rtsp:// For the moment, we use a quicktime embedded plugin for the live channel. Do you know if the is a way to stream our live program in JW media player ? Thank you in advance for your fantastic work with this web player. Best regards.

I don't know if that is possible at all. Never checked with a Darwin server. Note that H264 is of course possible now with the FP9.0.100+, but I don't know about the Darwin-Flashplayer communication.

Yeah... I'd also like to know if there is possible to play live stream with your program...

@EXel - should be possible (havent personally tried it though)
try a forum search; http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?search=live%20stream

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Well, I've tried it and as of the latest flash(9) and media player(3.1.5) it doesn't look to be possible. The player appears to be receiving data, but doesn't seem to be able to play an h.264 stream. If the stream is re-encoded to flv, it works fine. If anyone is successful, it would be great.

Hmm, did all the trouble converting my stuff and installing Darwin.
Was prety convinced the Mediaplayer would run.
Too bad. It doesn't.

Ah well, we'll figure out a way some day ;-)

It's not since Darwin uses RTP/RTSP to communicate with the client and flash doesn't support this kind of data communication. If you could build a RTP/RTSP client into the flash player sure you can do it. The protocol documentation is out there. Go go go.. ;-)

Yeah! Go go go! And keep me notified ;-)

Hello All,

I have Setup DARWIN Server on my UBUNTU Server.Now i want to make a web application.RTSP is fine with me now.Can any one let me know how you are running 24 * 7 Live streaming ?

I want to stream video, can I use Darwin to stream them from my site? I am not sure how

can we use darwin server with jw player

darwin uses RTP/RTPS streaming and flash RTMP

Try using red 5 server for it instead

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