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Chrome won't display video in local mode

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I'm pretty sure this is a recent development - either that, or I've been asleep at the wheel for quite a while! The latest version of Google Chrome (21.0.1180.60) won't play a video when the page is viewed locally. No problem once the page is being loaded from a server. In the JW Player 5.10 distribution, the readme.html is a nice, clean, quick demonstration. In Chrome, it says, "Video not found or access denied: video.mp4."

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?

Are you using the version of the player with Viral? Are you running from a web server (XAMPP for example), or just a local C drive?

No, no Viral (downloaded it again just to make sure), and I'm running from my C: drive. Nothing fancy - the readme.html in the distribution package fails in Chrome.

Where is the mp4 file being served off of?

It's right there, on the C: drive. It's part of the distributed mediaplayer.zip package. All I'm doing is extracting all the files, and opening readme.html in Chrome. It's calling the player and the mp4 file from that one, single directory. Honest.

Works fine in FF, IE9, and even Safari for Windows.

BTW, one more tidbit: if I disable Flash in Chrome, it works OK. The Flash version in Chrome (and there doesn't appear to be any way to override it) is Flash in FF and IE is 11.3.300.268.

Hey, presto, I've found the culprit. If I disable Flash in Chrome, and let it revert to 11.3.300.368, which is also installed, no more problems.

I suspect you're going to be hearing more about this new Flash version, and it won't be good. ;)

Typo - make that 11.3.300.268 as the "OK" version.

Thanks for letting me know.

Same with me. Suddenly, I get "access denied" or file not found when using Chrome, with FLV videos on my local PC only when using JW Player 12 (without Viral). No problem with IE or Foxfire. Never happened before with Chrome. Simple player 12 examples, used many times successfully. Am using Chrome 21.0.1180.60. Happens on both my XP and WIN 7 computers. Flash plugin version

I take it this is a Flash screwup?

On my XP computer, there are 3 Flash plugins listed. I have to leave
NPSWF32.dll enabled, or the video does not show in the player window. But if I disable the other 2, NPSWF32.dll and pepflashplayer.dll, the player works.

Donno what impact that might have elsewhere.

The only thing you have to disable is the plugin that's calling pepflashplayer.dll. You can leave the others enabled. That will let Chrome fall back to using the Flash player you have installed on your PC, the one that other browsers are using.


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Hey Guys - I see the issue locally with Chrome too, only when using the Flash version bundled with Chrome, though. However, if you default the player's mode to html5 - it works!

And now Chrome has auto-updated (to 21.0.1180.75), and that includes Flash Of course, the update re-enables PepperFlash, and it breaks JW Player again until you disable it.

(Defaulting to HTML5 is not an option for me - I'm using this embedded in some other software, and the HTML5 mode is, well, let's say, "unreliable.")

Well, if you are using MP4, it will work in Chrome/Safari by default in HTML5 mode, and then fall back to Flash for other browsers, so I think it is a good solution for this for the moment.

I am facing the same problem on .flv files. So... what now? How to advice my clients?

Can you provide an example of this not working with flvs?

im solve it updating the flash player in chrome, but i think that this is a really bad bug from the latest patch of chrome sorry guys we have to wait for a new update from chrome.

I have already issued it in the bug base - please click the star to bump it up, maybe this will help speeding the process:


Glad you solved it.

Ok, thanks Greg.

No change with Flash, which is bundled with Chrome 21.0.1180.83. And with every automatic update, Chrome re-enables PepperFlash, so you have to keep disabling it. Very annoying.

Sounds like Chrome needs to fix this then.

i create a flash banner for my web site. its playing good in IE, Firefox, but not working google chrome .the flv video is not shoing in swf file in google chrome.

plz.... help me to solve the problem.

Link plz.

I have a problem with Chrome while i am playing from web, like "video not found or access denied" Could you help me.

A link would be nice.

The latest Chrome update, 21.0.1180.89, includes PepperFlash, which is still death to local videos. Once you disable that, you can drop back to regular Flash - the current version is 11.4.402.265, and it has no problems at all.

One of the advertised "features" of PepperFlash is its improved security, but it's looking a bit like the IE notion of "security" - you can open anything that's on the web, but a local file is perceived as being radioactive.

Weird...never heard of PepperFlash before...

Hi, gays!

Chrome support HTML5.
Tell for JWPlayer use HTML5 before Flash:

modes: [
{ type: "html5" },
{ type: "flash", src: "player.swf" },
{ type: "download" }

Full code:

<video id="videoplayer"

<script type="text/javascript" src="jwplayer.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
modes: [
{ type: "html5" }, // First try HTML5
{ type: "flash", src: "player.swf" },
{ type: "download" }

I think the problem is solved, at least for me.

Thanks for sharing.

This appears to have been fixed in Chrome 22.0.1229.79, which includes PepperFlash I'd be grateful if others would give it a quick test, just to make sure I'm not letting wishful thinking blind me. ;)

Great :)

it was working until today. I found it was updated to Chrome 22.0.1229.79, PepperFlash No video from web plays. Can someone help?

Your issue is clearly different from the one I started this thread about. This problem affected only local playing of videos in Chrome, and never interfered with playing a video from a website.

I'd suggest you start a new thread with more information, and a link to the non-functioning web page.

Yes, please provide a link...thanks.

I fix this !

1) Paste chrome://plugins/ as url in your browser
2) Select detail in the upper right corner
3) If you have more than 1 version of Flash, deactivate the older one.
4) Refresh you local page and it should work


Thanks for sharing.

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